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 +====== IMU Calibration ======
 +This page describes how to calibrate the TRAX IMU in Linux.
 +===== Getting Started =====
 +*To calibrate the TRAX IMU, PNI Trax Studio must be used, which can be found [[https://​​trax-ahrs/​| here]]. You will also need the user manual which details how various calibrations should be performed.
 +*Since PNI Trax Studio is a windows application you will also need Wine installed.
 +<NOTE: Calibration must be performed on the sub!>
 +    sudo aptitude install wine-stable winehq-stable
 +==== Installing PNI Trax Studio ====
 +*With Wine installed, install PNI Trax Studio using default/​recommended setup.
 +    unzip
 +    wine msiexec /i TRAX-Studio-1.0.2.msi
 +    wine start TRAX-Studio-1.0.2.msi
 +With TRAX Studio installed, we need to make sure TRAX Studio will recognize our IMU. To do this we need to link our
 +virtual COM ports to our TRAX device. To do this we create a symbolic link between the two. With the latest versions of wine (wine 3.0.3 as of writing) we must edit our windows registry to connect these devices.
 +*Follow the steps according to the wine [[https://​​Wine_User%27s_Guide#​Serial_and_Parallel_Ports| wiki]] using any COM and the value /dev/TRAX
 +*For earlier versions of wine (prior to 2.8) use
 +    ln -s /dev/TRAX ~/​.wine/​dosdevices/​com
 +replacing the com on the end with the com device you wish to connect.
 +==== Running TRAX Studio ====
 +*To run TRAX Studio after setup, simply start it as any other wine program
 +    wine .wine/​drive_c/​{path to file}
 +*When launched, you will want to select the COM port you linked to the TRAX in the previous section and click connect.
 +*Follow the instructions detailed in the user manual under Section 5, User Calibration. (Typically Full-Range Calibration).
 +*Further information on operation of TRAX Studio can be found in the manual under Section 6, Operation With Trax Studio.