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This page describes the network setup on the sub. Right now our router has DHCP disabled, we use a raspberry pi hooked up to the network acting as a DHCP and DNS server.


Device Hostname Ethernet Addr IP Addr
Main Computer Cobalt b8:ae:ed:7f:e7:ea
IP Cam 1 ipcam1 00:b0:9d:db:d3:ea
IP Cam 1 ipcam2 00:b0:9d:db:d3:ec
IP Cam 1 ipcam3 00:b0:9d:db:d3:ed
Jetson TX2 jetson 00:04:4b:8c:87:f4
MicroZed Hydrophones hydro-zynq 00:0a:35:00:01:02
RasPi DNS Server ryan-pi b8:27:eb:fe:45:17