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GrabCAD is a PDM software that we use to store, share, edit CAD files for each years AUV. The goal of using this program is to eliminate any transferring of CAD files through USB and to have a central hub for all of our CAD files. This is so that each AUV made for Palouse Robosub can be archived and accessed at anytime for years to come. This page will provide you with instructions with how to sign up with GrabCAD as well as serve for the primary resource to troubleshoot any problems that you may come across while using GrabCAD.

How To Sign Up

Signing up is quite easy just follow these steps;

  • Go to GrabCAD
  • Fill in necessary Information (Under company put “Palouse Robosub”)
  • Send me (Christian) the email used to create the account via Slack through a personal message and then I can add you to the group.
  • You should receive a notification from GrabCAD that you have been invited to join the Palouse Robosub project.


Information will be added in the future