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UPS Setup

Installing NUT for the OpenUPS

$ sudo aptitude install nut

Add the following to /etc/nut/ups.conf:

    driver = usbhid-ups
    port = auto
    desc = "OpenUPS"

And comment out the line maxretry = 3.

Try if it works:

$ sudo upsdrvctl start

Then, edit /etc/nut/nut.conf such that the last line reads


Finally reboot and run

$ sudo upsc openups@localhost

This should display information about the connected UPS. Check the device.model parameter and make sure that it is OPEN-UPS

Open UPS Default Settings By Battery

To load these parameters, you will need to install the Windows tool provided by Mini-Box. When you run it, you should see something like this:

By switching to the settings submenu, you will be able to load the parameters through the All parameters: File ==⇒ OpenUPS (settings.ini). Use the correct settings file from below for your battery.

If you have need to update these files, please send the request to the IT Channel

LiFePo4 3 cell 9.9V 4200 mAh